Collection: Winter Fabrics Collection

Winter is a time when you want to feel all warm and cozy. What if we told you that you can be toasty all the while being sustainable?
Suvetah has a special selection of winter fabrics that are soft, breathable and perfect for your winter wardrobe.

As the cold weather creeps in we all need a little bit of zing in our routine, worry not because Suvetah has got you covered. We have beautiful block printed fabrics and artistic eco printed fabrics for you.
Did you know that khadi fabric is known for its property to keep you warm in winter and breezy in summers? Check out our winter range which has khadi in various forms.

Hemp is another fabric that comes to rescue us from the winter chills. It has just the perfect amount of weight and ruggedness that is apt for the cold.
We all have a silk blouse, kurta or a top that peeks out of our wardrobe when we sort the winter clothes. The lustrous fabric brings in the typical shine that we all are drawn to! Our silk is Ahimsa ( Peace) Silk. It is extracted without harming the silk worms which makes it sustainable and of course fashionable!