A collective effort is what we need for a greener tomorrow


Pahartah is practising the method of dying with indigenous Arogya(non-harmful) colours on natural textiles, to introduce diversity and ethical way of fashion to the society. They have handcrafted all their products with the colours and prints acquainted from Nature.

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Anyà was founded by Ms. Nitya Chandrasekhar in February 2020 with a vision to introduce easy and approachable sustainable practices into our everyday wardrobes.
This is how we come up with the project #upcycleyoursaree. Our idea with this project is to reduce waste while making the optimum use of the clothes in your existing wardrobe.
We take pride in saying that all outfits are made to order which helps us minimize and manage our cloth waste efficiently.
Our fabrics are locally sourced from reliable eco-conscious sustainable brands and dyed using only natural dyes.

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Sustainability is a journey that’s made up of a series of small steps. We understand that it’s not black and white. We are here to meet you where you are and walk with you towards living a more conscious, mindful life. We may not have it all figured out but we continue to learn and take action every day.

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The Softwear is a Saudi brand that specializes in premium vegan and all natural sleep and leisure wear made only from certified, natural, and organic materials. All our garments are handcrafted in India and are given special care at all steps of production.

At the Softwear, we introduce a sustainable solution to fashion; all our fabrics are biodegradable and we only use herbal colors to dye our garments.Shopping with us you are guaranteed to have a premium, natural, and a sustainable garment that will rock your bed whenever you tune into your dream.

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T.Berry is an atelier specialising in sustainable luxury based in New Delhi, India.

They create sustainable and luxurious apparel and accessories based on their core principles of regenerative circularity, fair-trade, inclusivity and social empowerment via co-creation.

They design for longevity and produce everything in-house with a People First, Planet First approach.

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Esya’ IN SANSKRIT is synonymous with a futuristic approach. Bringing home a fragment of the future for your little ones

Our garments are nature friendly as they are made with sustainable fabrics and dyed with Plant dyes. They come in attractive yet simple shapes with Earthy colours.

Collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs with everything being handled by a loving human hand. Cutting,shaping, sewing and final adornment of the vestment is done under safe and comfortable conditions by our local craftswomen and tailors addressed as Master Ji’s in our household.

We are dedicated to thoughtful slow creation while providing an alternative to mass production and fast fashion.

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Tūla the Label was formed with the intention to create products that have minimal environmental impacts, create better livelihoods to our treasured artisans and provide conscious clothing to our global family.

We want to be part of restoring balance to humankind and nature.

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Prachi V

Prachi V is a slow fashion brand on a journey to bring to you timeless designs that can be worn for many seasons to come. Through each collection wish to bring you dreamy stories one can relate with and make memories.

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Jhultaru by Deeshaa

"Jhultaru By Deeshaa" is a go-green fashion enthusia label. We create garments that are eco-friendly and sustainable and we create styles that are classic as well as trendy.
The name "Jhultaru" is derived from the words "Jhul" meaning swinging and "Taru" meaning "Nature" as we imagine a world where people are swaying in our clothing playfully, energetically and unapologetically free in harmony with nature.
Our garments are made with 100% Love and Care as we believe that both "You" and the "Nature" deserve the "Best"!

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"tyas" is a brand, enhancing your wardrobe with detailed yet exquisite embroidery and designs. Update to cautiously curated accumulation of aesthetic energy and witty designs. Elegant locally made clothing, which narrate modern silhouettes, while focusing on Artisanal Textliles and Minimal stand outs. Ditching the regular floral embroideries, our threads takes a unique approach by adding the #basicbutnotsobasic vibe to your outfits!
Starting from sourcing the right fabrics, to coming up with fiery designs, to getting the kickass embroideries done, to the handcrafted packaging and finally delivering these extravagant packages to your door step, SUSTAINABILITY is the key.
Spruce up your everyday styling, with "tyas".

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"MULYO" signifies value or worth and holds consistent meaning across various cultures. Mulyo is a homegrown conscious kidswear brand at MULYO; we are a sustainable movement. Like a precious blossom nurtured on Indian soil, we embrace the elegant grace of where minimalism speaks delicately. We stand for ethical consciousness towards the well-being of the planet in a world where it is important to teach and educate the awareness from a very young age.

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