Collection: Organic White Fabrics

You can never go wrong with white! Be it any time of the year, white fabrics are always trending and in demand. They lend a simple and elegant aesthetic. Hence at Suvetah, we have created an excellent collection of natural white fabrics ranging from the more popular ones like cotton, linen, silk, khadi to rarer fabrics like aloe vera, milk and soy fabrics. We have a range of white fabrics that are perfect for your breezy summer  dress as well as perfect for your winter wardrobe. White fabrics prove to be an excellent canvas for natural dyeing and if you have a specific colour in mind we can customise it for you!

We provide woven as well as knit fabrics with a range of thread counts which means you have a plethora of fabrics to choose from for all your needs. Natural fabrics find a variety of uses ranging from making papers, garments, household furnishings to bags, accessories and much more.