Our Journey


Back in the day, when I began my pursuit of natural dyes, I did not imagine of coming this far. It is interesting how we have managed to reach the heart of our clients with our vision and work over the years. We at Suvetah began on a very small scale and were driven by a common motive-to uplift the fashion industry with a unique approach.

I began my research in August ’2018 starting to explore natural dyeing. I must admit that it was difficult to begin from scratch, doing trials, failing and learning immensely. Anyhow, this phase passed and I was successful in procuring natural dyes for the cause. Soon after that we started providing services on various fronts to our customers. The work was being recognized and more people would join us in this noble cause. Back then, after I was able to eradicate the worries over production and availability, I was also fortunate enough that my brother agreed to work along with me managing the business side of affairs. He was always eager to help me in this idea and when he saw the potential to take this to new heights he did not hesitate.  We were grateful to our customers recognized our seamless work and skills and started to trust with their orders. What boosted our potential and spirit was when they asked whether we could infuse this thought to fabrics as well. That is when our pursuit on natural fabrics began.
We wanted to offer our clients a fabric range which is as sustainable as our natural dyes. Thus, we have managed to procure a range of sustainable fabrics obtained from the stems and leaves of nature. The material is biodegradable and skin friendly making it one of a kind.

Today,  we feel proud to announce that we have a range of over 50 textile fabrics extracted from different sources through natural and harmless methods. We also provide you with a vast array of colors to choose from for your apparel and accessories and successfully break the association of bland colors with natural fabric. Our range furnishes you with a choice of sophisticated and classy colors that complement and accentuate your beauty every time you don them. Additionally, we also added designing and finished customized products to our services which was in lieu to the repeated demands of our customers. Lastly, we have tried our best to support local artisans and their work because each of them brings forth a new skill. Their undying belief in my work has led me to launch the brand on such a wide scale. We continue to support them by providing them with jobs and hope that we can continue to do so.

Here, today, we want to extend this heartfelt gratitude to our clients who share our vision to make this world a cleaner and better place to inhabit. Without them we could never have trod this long into this journey. We hold our vision close to our heart, and thus this effort to slowly do away with the chemically engineered textiles and return to the cradle of nature and comfort of trees. Come join us and be a part of a world where we don’t destroy tomorrow to look good today.