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Natural Dyeing Services

  • Choose a colour/print from the digital colour catalogue.
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    • You can take the dye on any fabric from our website or send us your own fabric describing its composition and weight.
    • Send us an email of all the details of the colour, fabric code and meter at
    • Sampling MOQ for single colour or print is 1 meter (suitable natural dyes, eco printing and tie and dye).
    • Sampling MOQ for single colour or print is 5 meters (applicable block and screen printing).
    • 50 meters MOQ for natural dyeing and eco printing, production quantity.
    • MOQ for screen printing and block printing - 50 meters.

    Create your own colour Swatch book

    • Send us your own colour board, Pantone or images references.
    • One swatch book can have 12 different colour tones on different or same fabric.
    • Swatch size will be 6*4 inches.
    • Price per swatch book will be 2500/- INR.
    • Send us all the details over an email at

    Bulk natural dyeing/printing services

    Important Notes :

    • Natural Dye, is extracted from environmental substances, that uses no chemicals to produce the solvent.
    • The beauty of this dye is that it is organic as all the ingredients used are natural and come out of nature.
    • When we extract natural substances and use it to create the dyes we will lack precision, as it is not possible to control it.
    • As the process is entirely natural and hand-crafted, the outcome of the colours produced will vary.
    • The colour generated by natural dye on protein base fabric and cellulose base fabric will vary, as protein base fabric does not contain dust particles, leading to easy dye absorption and bestows radiant shades than cellulose base fabric.
    • There might be a slight variation in the colours of samples exhibited with photos and tangibly, as pictures create illusions and tend to present false representation of colours.
    • Due to the natural and hand-crafted method of natural dyeing, each batch of the same dye might give out a slight variation in colour at the end.
    • Colours and prints which are a source of multiple ingredient will be charged differently.

    Wash care

    • Use ph neutral washing soap with cold water or temperature not above 30 degree.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not dry in direct sunlight.
    • Do not chlorine bleach.
    • Wash separately.
    • Do not use hot iron if needed do cold iron.