Collection: Organic Fabrics

Why do you need to join the eco-fashion family?

As much as I’d like to put it subtly, our present disposition towards fashion will ruin us!

Our founders recognised that people are becoming aware of the fact that natural fabrics can help us go sustainable while being in vogue. To demonstrate that it is possible to get the best of both worlds, Suvetah came to life!

We have a collection that has natural fabrics, naturally dyed fabrics, extracts and powders of natural dyes as well as a selection of utility products that show you how versatile natural fabrics can be!

We have natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, bamboo, banana fabric, khadi and so many more options!

And in order to offer the various options of natural fibres we also have a dedicated swatch book that contains all the fabrics of our catalogue. You can touch and feel the fabrics before going ahead with a particular fabric.

We also have fabrics that are dyed with natural extracts like madder, indigo etc. They look gorgeous, while being eco friendly! And not just plain colours, we also have a range of naturally dyed block printed and eco printed fibres as well!

For people who like to be experimental Suvetah has curated a selection of natural dye powders that you can experiment with! It has everything that you would need to start dyeing.