Collection: DIY Kits

Enthusiastic about natural dyes but don’t know where to start?

Diving right into natural dyes without have sufficient knowledge about their properties and uses can be confusing. There are various resources on the internet that can answer all your dyeing questions. But how do you start? What natural dye will be able to work with as a beginner? The answer to all your questions is here! We have created a beginner friendly DIY kit for all the aspiring natural dyers. It has a combination of powered natural dye extracts and natural fabrics as well. Natural dyes as we know work best with natural fabrics. And we understand how difficult it is to procure pure natural fabrics so we have included them in our kit so that you have an amazing time using our kit!

Have you ever noticed that when we apply theory into practice, you understand it better! Something you can see, touch and feel is almost always better. Isn’t it?

The aim behind the DIY kit was to help you take this step into natural dyeing. The pack contains enough dyes for you to experiment and if you are lucky enough and play around the dye combinations, you can even be surprised by the variety of hues and shades that you can get.