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DIY Luminous Kit

DIY Luminous Kit

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The colour palette burnishes on the various shades of nature that often goes unseen, but that's always present around us, just like the rays of light. Of course, these ingredients don't give out the colours of the rainbow or the usual blues and greens that we describe nature with, but they still give out the colours of nature that surrounds us with beauty and hope.

The shades are derived by:

  • 1st shade - Myrobalan
  • 2nd shade - Alum and Catechu
  • 3rd shade - Madder and Ferrous
  • 4th shade - Myrobalan and Ferrous 
  • 5th shade - Myrobalan 

Furthermore, you can combine these ingredients of the colour palette as per the colours you require or surprise yourself with some mystic shades by mixing them randomly.

DIY Kit Natural Dye Ingredient contains

  1. Myrobalan - 250 grams 
  2. Catechu - 250 grams 
  3. Alum - 400 grams 
  4. Ferrous - 50 grams 
  5. Madder - 100 grams 

Material Options

  • Fabrics - 1 meter of recycle cotton.
  • Ready Products - 1 Organic cotton T-shirt
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