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Sustainable FabricSustainable Fabric

  • With so many varied ranges of fabrics laid on, it might become difficult for one to choose that perfect fabric and to help sort out the confusion, we have a swatch book of our materials ready for you, which is just one click away.
  • Our most essential fabric catalog!

  • Hemp Fabrics - Hemp fabrics are eco-friendly textiles made from the hemp plant's fibers. They're durable, breathable, and sustainable, ideal for a variety of clothing and accessories.
  • Bamboo Fabrics - Bamboo fabrics are eco-friendly, soft, and breathable. They're derived from bamboo pulp and offer natural moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties, making them a sustainable textile choice.
  • Protein Base Fabrics - Protein fabrics, like silk and wool, offer natural comfort and durability. Their unique properties make them ideal for clothing, providing both style and sustainability.
  • Handloom Fabrics - Handloom fabrics are woven with skilled hands, preserving tradition and promoting sustainability. They offer unique textures and colors, supporting local artisans and eco-friendly fashion choices.
  • Knitted Fabrics - Knitted fabrics are flexible and stretchy textiles created by interlocking loops of yarn. They're comfortable, versatile, and commonly used in clothing like sweaters and T-.Shirts.

 Swatch Fabrics - We have two types of Swatch Book

White Fabrics Swatch - Our swatch book offers 60+ diverse fabrics showcasing a wide range of  textures, and patterns for versatile design choices.
    Dyed Fabrics Swatch Book - Swatch book features 12 dyed fabrics in a stunning array of colors chosen by you for your creative design needs.


      Natural DyeiNatural Dyeingng

      • Natural dyeing is a traditional textile coloration method using plant, insect mineral sources. It's eco-friendly, non-toxic, and yields unique, earthy hues.
      • Once you decide on the fabric of your choice, you can customise any colour or print options from our dyeing and printing catalog.
      • Now you can customise and create your own naturally dyed swatch book in your desired colour pallet, which will fit right into your pocket. Know the process of customisation.
      • We don't just demand bulk dyeing orders but have also opened our doors for small dyeing orders.

      Here is our Natural Dying Catalog

      Azo-free dye - Azo-free dye is a type of colorant used in textiles that does not contain azo compounds, which can release harmful aromatic amines, making it safe for consumer use and environmentally friendly.

      You can send us any pantone for dying color reference. 


      Customised Printing services -







      Print development services - Print development is the process of creating and refining designs for fabric printing. It involves design selection, color choices, and pattern adjustments for production.

      Different types of print suvetah offers.
      • Screen Print & block print - Screen printing and block printing are traditional methods of applying designs to fabric or paper. Screen printing uses screens, while block printing uses carved blocks. Both create unique, handcrafted results.

      Eco Print - Eco Print is a sustainable printing technique that uses natural dyes from plant materials to create beautiful and eco-friendly designs on fabric.
      Here Is Eco Print Catalog

      Tie & Dye
      Tie & dye is an ancient textile art, involving folding and tying fabric, then applying vibrant dyes. This technique creates unique, colorful patterns and is popular in fashion and home décor.
      Here is Tie & Dye Catalog

      Digital Print
      Digital printing is a modern, versatile      method that produces high-quality prints quickly and    cost-effectively, ideal for personalized motives and suitable for long & short print runs.

      • Garment construction Process - 

        Not only dyeing and printing we can also bring your final product to reality.


        Embroidery is a decorative art form where intricate designs are sewn onto fabric using a needle and thread. It adds embellishments, patterns, and textures to textiles, often enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

          Here is our Embroidery Catalog


           Crochet and Knitted     Crochet is a textile technique using a single hooked needle to create interlocking loops, resulting in a delicate and textured fabric. Knitting uses two needles to create fabric with a series of interconnected loops, producing a flexible and stretchy material.


          Enquiry Form

          • Iris

            I truly appreciate the exceptional support Suvetah has provided me in bringing my dream of sustainable garment production for my brand Iris to life. Their commitment to facilitating a seamless and sustainable production process has been outstanding. Their flexibility in accommodating smaller production runs has allowed me to experiment with various designs without committing to large quantities, which is crucial for a growing brand like me. The swatches they provide have saved me time and ensured that i make informed decisions about fabric choices and designs. The team’s expertise in managing the dyeing and printing process has been invaluable. The quality of garments produced through their services have exceeded my expectations. I am very happy to work with them and i really appreciate how Sakshi takes interest in individual clients and help them through the entire process.


          • Tyas

            Our journey with Suvetah began while we were just starting our brand. They’ve been with us since day 1 and we couldn’t have asked for a better team to begin our journey with. The fabrics, the quality, their 24/7 support is unbeatable. It is so good to see them being a part of the whole sustainable textile industry, supporting all the local artisans, working so closely with natural ingredients and so glad we could be a part of the same through them. Special thanks to Sakshi for always being available for us, for always guiding us, brainstorming with us with all the calmness and all the positive vibes.
            Looking forward to many more eco friendly creations with them :)


            Stumbling upon Suvetah's swatch book was like a godsend blessing as would be for any sustainable and ethical brand. They are like a one-stop-shop solution for all your Organic, fair trade, sustainable, and most ethical fabrics, dyes, and prints. They are very forthcoming, professional, reasonably priced and most of all very easy and flexible to work with. It's been an absolute pleasure working with them. And we look forward to further growing into a stronger working bond in the years to come. Would recommend them to anyone who prioritizes doing that right thing over anything else