Collection: Natural Dyes Powder and Extracts

Our journey with natural fabrics has taught us that natural dyes pair perfectly with our fabrics. Natural dyes are skin friendly as well as Earth friendly. Natural dyes are obtained from roots, barks, leaves as well as flowers of plants. The colours obtained are vibrant and dynamic! Well, you can see that if you add ferrous sulphate crystals to your dye bath. The colour is often darkened.

This is just an example, madder and indigo when mixed in a specific ratio can get you a purple hue! With a little experimentation and a fervor to learn, you can do your own dyeing projects! And while some dyes give a perfectly fine colour without mordents, some natural dyes need the help of mordents like alum are frequently used.

Natural dyes behave differently under different situations. The pH, mordent, amount of dye stuff, material of the fabric, temperature at which dyeing is done, all of this determines the colour of the fabric. It is nothing short of an art!

Before the industrial revolution ,India exported its dyed goods as far as Rome. We at Suvetah are passionate about reviving this unique craft of India.
We have a selection of dye stuff in powder/petal form that can be easily handled by anyone.