Collection: Ingredient Kits by Suvetah

How do natural dyes work on fabrics? If this is the question you have after looking at our beautiful naturally dyed fabrics, then look no further!

This collection of natural dye powders is for people who like to get their hands dirty. These are kits that contain powdered natural dyes in various combinations.

Keep in mind though that natural dyes work best with natural fabrics. But the most important reason perhaps to wear naturally dyed fabrics is that they are eco friendly and skin friendly. It has been reported since long that some synthetic dyes, especially azo dyes, tend to be carcinogenic and thus harm both us and nature. By curating this ingredient kit we hope to create awareness regarding natural dyes and their benefits to the earth.

Natural dyeing is an ancient craft that has survived since the Harappa civilisation and has been perfected over the centuries! A full pallet of colours can be obtained by using natural dyes in various permutations and combinations! By bringing natural dyes to you, we welcome you to a vibrant community of natural dyers.