Collection: Utility Products

Can you use natural fabrics in any way other than garments?

Our collection of utility products is a growing selection of articles that use natural fabrics to craft daily essentials like scrunchies, laptop bags, shopping bags and so much more.

The fabrics that feature in the collection are of course natural fabrics but we have gone a step further to showcase how waste fabrics can be recycled into something beautiful and useful. Check out the Jade Laptop Sleeve and Jasper Pouch, to see how creativity can find something beautiful in waste.

Are you looking for a sustainable option to keep your pens, brushes, pencils? Suvetah has got just the right product for you! The Brown Topaz Pouch and the Bronzite Pen Holder are chic as well as eco friendly.

Regular hair ties when thrown take about 500 years to decompose! That’s nearly 7 times the normal human lifespan! Shocking isn’t it? But if you go through the product specifications of our scrunchies, or bandanas you will see that they use natural fabrics which are biodegradable and hence a better alternative.

Suvetah has since its inception has been working to bring you options that are sustainable as well as stylish. Stay tuned for more such products.