Collection: Dyed and Printed Fabrics

How to make natural fabrics more beautiful while being eco-friendly?
We believe that the charm of natural fabrics increases tenfold when it is dyed with natural dyes! Natural dyes have this unique tendency of attaching readily to natural fibers. Moreover, these dyes are so dynamic that they produce different hues of colors based on where and how the dye stuff was grown!
The collection here features natural fabrics painted in beautiful silvery grey to quirky orange and fiery red!
And why limit yourself to just plain dyed fabrics when you can make it even more interesting!
Did you know that leaves and flowers of certain plants release pigments when in contact with natural fibers? These plants were used to design the eco printed fabric range. And if you want something more than leaves and flowers we have some beautiful and elegant block printed fabrics that are perfect to make dresses, shirts and kurta. Then there are the tie-dyed fabrics that give an otherwise plain fabric a burst of color and pop! These colorful and lively fabrics can be crafted into clothes or bags or curtains. The only limit is your imagination!