The Brand

Suvetah has always been bothered by the phenomenon of pollution, and we tends to blame various industries for the depletion of our ecosystem. Nonetheless, our favorite and much appealing textile and fashion industry also contributes a significant portion to this destruction and desolation of nature. However, what are we doing to change that?

Our Brand - Suvetah


This thought often stole our midnight peace and being a naturalist since long, we  wondered what could be done that could change the entire face of this industry and protect the earth at the same time. On a more profound thought, it was not just earth but the whole artisan population exploited by the capitalist companies that had no regard for nature or human lives. And that was when it hit us.

The solution was staring at us all this while from point blank and yet we were oblivious to its existence. The fashion industry often boasts of aestheticism and art but let us ask you, ‘what is aesthetic and artsy about not knowing where and how the fashion you wear originates from?’Nothing. Suvetah intends to bring about a change, a transition from synthetics and chemicals to pure and serene nature. It dreams of a time when we allow fabrics from the nature to drape us and cushion us in the comfort. It dreams of a time when artisans receive the credit and value of their work and it dreams of a time when our customers can have blind faith in the natural procedure we employ for its textiles. No chemicals, no synthetics. Only the warmth of nature.