The revival of Kala cotton fabric

The revival of Kala cotton fabric

Kala cotton is the oldest form of cotton since the colonisation time. It was so hit that it became one of the biggest trade exports to Britain in the 1940s.
Everyone loved the Kala cotton dresses so much that people started to trade spices for them, due to which it was harvested on a larger scale, more than any other textile in India. But, over time, people forgot about the existence of this cotton and chose regular cotton.
Regular cotton is the fabric that everyone loves but can't always opt for due to the wastage of natural resources it causes during production. On the other hand, Kala Cotton fabric is more sustainable and requires limited water resources.

Organic Kala Cotton Denim Fabric

It is a purely rain-fed crop that requires minimal investment as it has a high tolerance for diseases and pests. Its production is carbon neutral, energy-efficient, economically viable and promotes ecological diversity in India.
The agricultural benefits of Kala cotton fabric are that it is tolerant of drought, stress and wind. But unfortunately, Kutch is the only place where they produce Kala cotton, and it is grown mainly by marginal farmers who cannot afford to take risks at any cost.
The resurrection of Kala Cotton would mean more cotton for lesser water and less carbon pollution. It is possible only because the farmers prefer their cotton to be rain-fed, thereby eliminating the water for irrigation purposes. In addition to keeping the fabric eco-friendly, the limited use of pesticides offers farmers a safer environment to work around.
To support these farmers and the people of Kutch, Suvetah is contributing as a Kala cotton supplier in India and will provide you with the best quality fabric.

Kala Cotton Fabric

Advantages of Kala Cotton Fabric:

- Kala Cotton takes dyes brilliantly, making it an excellent fabric for natural dyes.
- The fabric is durable and becomes softer with every wash
- It sustains agriculture and preserves artisans' livelihoods
- It is resilient and resurgent in the face of difficult land conditions.

So, what are we waiting for?! Isn't it time to make things right in our environment by making more sustainable choices and choosing the fabric that is suitable for our planet and us

Kala Cotton Handloom

Bulk Organic Kala Cotton Fabric Supplier:

Suvetah is one of the leading bulk organic Kala Cotton fabric supplier and manufacturer in India.

Suvetah is GOTS certified sustainable fabric manufacturer in Organic Cotton, Linen and Hemp Fabric.

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