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The Soya Twill fabric along with its flowy, and draping qualities works wonders for summer and spring.
The textured but soft design fits well for dresses, shirts and scarfsowing to its lightweight design.

        Soya Twill Fabric Details:

        • SU-SO-102
        • GSM-110-120
        • WIDTH-44”
        • FINISH-RFD
        • PRICE-Rs.440/MTR

        The fabric with the softness of silk, soy fabric or “vegetable cashmere” is one of the world’s most eco-friendly fabrics. Produced using soy protein derived from the hulls of soybeans, this intriguing textile takes a waste product and transforms it into a usable textile with minimal use of toxic chemicals and limited processing.

        Soy fabric has excellent drape, and it is highly elastic. While this textile dyes well, colors sometimes bleed during the first few washings. Though reasonably prone to pilling. This textile is UV-resistant, and it is also highly antimicrobial. Due to its light-reflective qualities, soy fabric looks like silk in addition to being very soft and lightweight.

        Disclaimer - white fabrics

        • The actual colours may vary from the image.
        • Product delivery will take 7-10 days of time.
        • Prices for orders above 100 meters can be provided on request, email us at
        • Bulk orders timelines will be mentioned over the email.

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