Natural Dye

Natural dye; the way far away from the chemical route

Natural dye is the change needed by us, to create an environment that is not exposed to chemicals created by the fashion industry.

Dyes, the shades used from centuries to date for imparting colours to the fabrics are formed in two ways, one is through nature and the other through chemicals; that is the natural and chemical dyes.

Natural dye is the way of giving back to the nature that it beautifully possesses and chemical dye at the same time is causing harm to the environment.

It’s known that the synthetic dye contains 72 chemicals individually, from which 30 cannot be removed, some of these chemicals are mercury, lead, chromium, copper, sodium chloride and benzene, as explained by ‘SCIRP’ in

These dye restricts the toxin release from the body; the release that is the most crucial step taken every day by our body to keep it healthy.

We are exposed to more chemicals with the increase in growth of the fashion industry and the shoppers, products created through the chemical process are causing more harm to the only habitable planet and the living creatures in it.

During this chemical process, a large amount of colour does not bind to the fabric, hence releasing approximately 10-15% of coloured water into the environment. One of the major example for this situation is the 2011 case happened in North China when the Jian River turned red due to the dyes dumped from the local chemical plant.

As explained in the article by Trusted Clothes named ‘Impact of Dyes’.

Natural dye when created does not extract any harmful emissions to the environment, it reflects the essence of nature in our clothing without causing it any harm.

Featured by ‘International Business Times’: China’s River of blood


Due to the non-chemical ingredients used, natural dyeing helps the makers to be in good working conditions, without letting them be exposed to any harmful atmosphere. It doesn’t just limit to the makers but also to the wearers and buyers because along with quality enchantment the natural dyes also contain medicinal properties, to protect us from various causes.

Naturally dyed products possess a great deed as it easily biodegrades after its life-cycle, unlike chemical dyes that don’t just fill the landfills with unwanted and harmful chemicals but at the same time also makes it more difficult to destroy them.

Natural dye is a step towards more sustainable development, a practice that should be practised by many.

We at Pahartah stand for naturally dyed products, that crafts our each step towards sustainable living.

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