Hemp Fabric

Why hemp fabric is a sustainable alternative for your daily lifestyle

Hemp Fabric is one of the most durable, comfortable, and long-lasting fibres globally; hence, it creates one of the most sustainable, durable, comfortable, long-lasting clothes, accessories, and decors. 

Most of us know hemp as marijuana but what many fail to understand is that it has its own medicinal properties and cures many deceased from within our body, including cancer cells, so, imagine if it can have such a positive impact inside our body then what all it can do if used it as a sustainable alternate for chemically processed and manufactured fibres and textiles.

Hemp is grown naturally with natural methods, without using any chemicals in the process. 

How Hemp Fabric is produced:

The cultivation practices have given birth to two distinct strains of the cannabis Sativa plant. The species called Sticky buds are the only species generally grown for textile purposes. The stalks of this hemp plant contain two layers; first, the outer layer, which consists of rope-like bust fibre, and second, the inner layer, which has the woody core. Manufacturers of hemp fabric only use the outer layer for textile purposes. The inner woody section of the plant serves as fuel, animal bedding, and building material. 

Before sending the hemp plant for processing, the Harvesters further strip the outer layer from the hemp plant and turn those fibres into ropes or yarns.

Further, after the plant's processing, it is turned into fabrics. The hemp fabrics texture is similar to cotton's, whereas the material feels relatively identical to canvas. 

Hemp Fabric

The hemp fibres are long and sturdy, and it gets softer with each wash. One of the best things about hemp fibre is that it is three times stronger than cotton.

Moreover, hemp is a very lightweight fabric that makes a highly breathable hemp fabric. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for warm and humid climates. 

Hemp Fabric Uses:

  • These days, hemp fabrics are used to make clothes and are gradually increasing their arena to apparel and home decors.
  • Hemp fabric t-shirts are known to retain their structure and appearance for several decades.
  • Hemp fabric is a common material for making a broad range of hemp textiles. Lately, manufacturers have started creating upholstery, table cloths, and towels using hemp fibre. 
  • Hemp is a popular material for manufacturing towels because of its high absorbency and durability. 
  • Home decors such as bed sheets, cushion covers, table cloths, table mats, and coasters are produced widely using hemp fabric, making it one of the most loved fabrics among customers. 
  • The fabrics' softness, comfort, and durable nature have made them suitable for duvets and blankets.
  • Some people look for 100% hemp textile products, but manufacturers combine this fabric with other textiles to blend uniqueness. A mix of hemp with different textile fabrics makes it softer while retaining durability.

Can you find a better sustainable alternative than this? After all, why should we go headhunting the environmentally friendly fabrics when there is one right in front of us.

Hemp Fabric

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